Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A long awaited UPDATE!

I have really been so bad about blogging sister's journey. We are plugging along but the home study update took so long, which led to delays with the i800 supplement and then the i800. We actually forgot to sign one of the forms. :( I mean, who does that?!? I was growing so weary of the months it took to get our immigration approval but it finally happened in mid-January. Once that was complete we could apply for Article 5 which is the catalyst for India to begin their side of things. We received that January 25 and we were hopeful to receive the coveted NOC (No Objection Certificate) in a few months.


It took nearly four months to get Ryan's NOC so we knew we could possibly be in for a long wait.

Sister's came via email, five days after Article 5.  FIVE DAYS Y'ALL!!!

It all happened in the midst of some heavy spiritual warfare. We were at the culmination of our Both Hands Project and satan was relentless. BUT God provided miracles in our adoption (we got NOC days instead of months!!), He provided miracles with our Both Hands Project widow (she prayed to receive Christ), He is mending hearts in our family and He is good!

Even when we don't understand his ways, He is good.

Even in the waiting, He is good.

Even in the hurting, He is good.

Even in the exhaustion, He is good.

I just can't top any of this right now. Tonight I am going to bed with a thankful heart. We are one step closer to our sweet girl - AND we can finally send her a photo book of the family she's been waiting four and half years for!

Next up - our court date(s) to declare that we are her parents and then it will be time to go to India!