Wednesday, October 14, 2015

These are the feet that belong to our DAUGHTER!!!

What a whirlwind this journey has been .. We started out in India, switched to China, then back to India.

In January we were matched with Little Panda in China. Then God closed door after door. None of it made sense at the time. After much prayer, we went back to the India program and we rejoiced in June when we found out Little Panda had a family!!! Once our homestudy was approved by India, we dug in to wait for a match. We waited six weeks... then we were matched with a precious, three year old little girl. Unfortunately her orphange would not respond to repeated email requests for photos, videos, or health information. We asked India to intervene and the orphanage still would not reply. Week after week seemed to drag on. This was a very difficult time since school had started and that's already stressful enough, then the added anxiousness of waiting.. and waiting..After seven agonizing weeks we prayerfully decided to withdraw the match at the advice of our case worker. This was another difficult and confusing time for us. A day or two later a little love showed up on the database. Barely four years old. Our case worker had not seen her.. until we had released our first match. I knew when I saw her, she was ours!

And here we are, in love with a teeny 4 year old butter bean from India! She's beautiful - fearfully and wonderfully made. I wish we could tell you more but we can't share her photos, her name (which we are keeping), or where she's from on the internet so you'll just have to take our word for it.. She is just gorgeous. This time everything makes sense.. all the road blocks, the waiting (we started this adoption in Sept 2014, over a year ago!), the confusion.. none of the roads would have led to her at any other time than right now. HIS perfect timing... Which admittedly isn't always easy for my flesh to accept.

This is a text we received last month when we were matched with sweet Miss SJ 

Thank you for praying with us and we covet your prayers as we endure the long wait to bring her home! We anticipate it taking about 12 months since we have to amend our home study and immigration documents before we can wait for India to begin their process of clearances and court proceedings. Of course we pray it's much quicker than that but adoption is unpredictable so we know to expect the unexpected.

We are rejoicing that these are the feet that belong to our precious daughter!