Thursday, April 16, 2015

Adoption Update

It's been such a slow homestudy process waiting for our oldest to turn 19. Her  fingerprints and clearances were stuck at the FBI and deemed "unclassifiable" so we had to contact ABI and get that squared away. We are really hoping this home study will be complete by the end of the month since we started it in October....

We also had to make the very difficult decision to withdrawn our letter of intent for Little Panda. It was gut wrenching but God has confirmed that we made the best decision several times even though I don't understand much of it. I've spent the last several weeks grieving for a little girl I never met and most likely never will. I have to believe there's a reason we were connected with her and I hope and pray we find out that reason this side of heaven. Would you please pray that Little Panda's mama and daddy will find her ?  

As for adoption, we are still moving forward but have transferred back to the India program. Once our homestudy is finished we'll start on the Indian dossier. 

Thanks for praying for Little Panda. God hears all your prayers, especially those said for his precious children. 

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