Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back to school

Ok, hi. So as you can see blogging has taken a backseat lately. School started a few weeks ago for Ryan and I haven't had time to share about that. We spent several weeks leading up to the start of school visiting Ryan's preschool. There weren't any teachers or kids there so we would go and look at his classroom, play at the playground and talk about what fun he was going to have. We did this for several weeks. He became so used to seeing the general area that one day when I drove down Main Street, Ryan looked out the window and said, School School!  At open house big sister stayed with him in his room while the parents went to the sanctuary for our little briefing. The first two days of school Katie went with Ryan and they stayed for half the day. IAC recommended we do that for two weeks and gradually get him accustomed to school but we didn't have that option. The first day was hard and daddy was a little choked up dropping Ryan off with scared eyes and a sad face filled with alligator tears. It became easier and easier though and after the first full week, Ryan was running into his class and not even looking back to daddy for a hug. He really seems to love it. His teachers say he's very sweet and cooperative. The only thing we've heard is he doesn't play with toys or play outside on the playground equipment. We've noticed at home he still doesn't voluntarily play with toys. Since he didn't have a lot of time for purposeful play before he came home, we do a lot of modeling and hand over to hand to show him HOW to play. We play WITH him a lot at home. Kids that come from orphanages often don't know how to play as odd as that sounds. So far that's the only concern we've heard of. His teachers are very supportive of helping him adjust to school and we're thankful for that!

A welcome home like this is priceless! He loves his Daddy!

And when Mama gets home ---

Towards the end of the summer, Ryan started showing signs of wanting to learn letters. He loves educational apps on the iPad and he enjoys puzzles, blocks and books with letters. He even knows a lot of letter sounds. I took this video a few days ago. He can name some of them verbally but he can identify all of them by pointing to the letter. He has an amazing memory and he's obsessed with letters!


  1. Yours in the second time in two days that I've heard other adoptive moms talk about their kids not knowing how to play. We've seen that with our nine year old though there are glimpses that she's learning. Thanks for the update! It's always good to catch up on how other Indi-families are doing!

    1. It's hard to fathom a child that doesn't know how to play with toys... Ryan really shows no interest in playing with toys. He prefers to color, watch TV, play on the Ipad or play outdoors.

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