Friday, May 16, 2014

the colors of us

I had this vision to do a colorful Holi inspired photo shoot with my sweet friend Nikki back in March. A few crazy things happened that made it impossible to do around the March 17 date of Holi but it all turned out perfectly anyway. If you're not familiar Holi, check HERE Don't worry we are still Christians and we aren't celebrating other gods. Holi is a Hindu celebration but Hinduism is also a culture, not just a religion. It's part of who Ryan is and we want to expose him to opportunities to learn about his culture as he grows up. This spring we did so with our own little Holi celebration :)

We had way too much fun with the paint! 

Braden caught some serious air here!

Photos by the incredibly talented Nikki P Photography. 


  1. Hi! My name is Sara. I came across your blog and love your story. My sister is adopted from India and I have such a heart for adoption, especially concerning that country. I love it! I was wondering if you have anymore of the shirts you were selling for your fundraiser. I am so sad I just came across it because I would have definitely purchased one. If you do, I am definitely interested in buying some. :)

  2. Hi Sara. We don't have any more shirts but I will keep you in mind if we relaunch. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. These photos (and this family) are gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing.

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