Friday, May 2, 2014

The clingness

Last week we rejoiced in the fact that our sweet little guy has been home four months! Thank you Jesus!

It's crazy that we spent so much time waiting, waiting, waiting for Ryan to come home and time just inched by so S L O W L Y

and once we were home, BAM, time is flying by so quickly!

Did I mention he's changing so much too? He used to have to hold my hand as I drove the car almost everywhere. Scott would tell me how unsafe that was and I told him there are plenty of one armed drivers out there driving with one hand on the wheel. Ryan no longer does that. Granted we had to get a larger car so it's impossible for me to do so but apparently he can live without holding my hand in the car. ;) He also no longer says, HALLLOO? HALLOO? HALLLOO! That makes me a little sad cause it was SO cute! When he wakes up, instead of standing in his crib saying HALLO? HALLO? He says, Mom. Mom. Mom. MOM! Mom is the word to get our attention instead of Hallo. I guess I'll take it. ;)

One thing that has not changed is his crazy clinginess.. Somebody tell me this phase will end soon cause it wears me out. From the minute we get home from school, Ryan is either on my lap, sitting right beside me while playing on the iPad (while rubbing my arms, pinching my legs, kissing my belly), standing between my legs as I cook, wanting to sit on my lap during meals. I know he's adjusting to life since I returned to work. I'm assuming this will subside once we are in our summer routine and then it may resurface when we go to school in August. I'm bracing myself for that one!

Here's some proof of this crazy clinginess --

Aside from the clinginess at home, Ryan has adjusted well to me returning the work earlier this month. He stays with the mom of one of my students. He cried a little at first (some days were louder than others) and it was rough for a little bit but this week there were no tears! He's doing so well and I am very thankful for another smooth transition. :) 

He continues to amaze us with all he's been through. 

He lost everything he'd ever known

moved across the world to a land and language foreign to him with people who were strangers, foods he'd never eaten before, sounds and smells that were unfamiliar to him and he's taken each and every challenge and adjusted beautifully. I have to keep reminding myself of the big picture - where he came from and where he is now cause it's easy to get wrapped up with the clinginess, tantrums, and the endless amounts of energy he has which I find exhausting at times. I look at these pictures  and think of this crazy mess and KNOW one day this shall pass and I'm certain I will miss it