Thursday, February 20, 2014


Today he turns two. Last year - read here - we had just been matched and we couldn't send a gift or anything since we hadn't received or signed official papers yet. And this year we are praising God HE'S HOME!

I've been praying for his birth mother a lot lately. She had a very hard life and I'm not even sure how sick she is or even if she is still alive.  I know she must be thinking of him today.  How I wish she could see how much he is LOVED, how he is thriving, and learning and growing! He's gained 3.3 pounds since we've been home, he can say 18-20 words, and I am guessing he understands about 90% of what we say to him. I know she would be so proud of how brave he's been with all the changes that have been thrown at him in the last two months. I am so proud of how brave SHE was to choose life for our son when her own life has been so turbulent. She was brave enough to hand over her 3 day old baby, not knowing what would become of him or if he would be struck with the same illness that will take her life.

We are so very thankful for her.

Happy birthday to our sweet little chocolate muffin!