Sunday, February 2, 2014

Halloooo? Halloooo!

That's what Ryan says when he needs to get our attention. When he wakes up, he stands in his crib and says, Hallo? Hallo! HALLOOO! Until we get him out of the crib. If he wants to show us something, Hallo hallo halloooo! If someone is outside and he seems them at the window, Halloooo!!! It is really so very cute. I know one day he won't do it any longer so I'm enjoying it for the moment.

This video is from his first or second week home

Yesterday I took some photos of this handsome boy in his traditional Indian outfit. While we were in Pondicherry, we bought this one for his 2nd birthday and another one for next year.

Thank you, Lord, for this sweet blessing. We waited 11 years and he was so worth the wait. 


  1. Oh my goodness, what a cute little man he is! He poses like a pro. I love it! Great pictures. :)

  2. Such a ham :) Thank you Trisha! So thankful our babies are HOME!