Wednesday, January 1, 2014

One week home

I can't believe a week has flown by. With Christmas wrapped up in it, what a whirlwind. Here are a few things Ryan has accomplished in one week :

He's almost overcome his fear of dogs. He went from screeching and clinging to me every time he saw our 3 dogs, to touching our little schnauzer and sharing some Cheerios with her. This is huge!

He can say Thank You in the correct context. 

Ryan gives high fives and knocks knuckles. He thinks he's so cool. ;) 

He has mastered saying I Love You as he covers me with kisses over and over again. He is very affectionate!

He will put his diaper wipes back into his room after we change his diaper. Caught him on the video cam yesterday doing so. 

He will let daddy put him to sleep which is such a huge help to my aching back and shoulders. 

He's a pro at sitting in his car seat. I was so anxious about that first ride but he did great!

We weren't planning on starting him off in his crib but he has slept wonderfully in it so it's working -- much to our surprise! Of course I don't sleep much cause I'm worried I might not hear him on the monitor. 

I'm amazed by this because he's only 22 months old and he's just been immersed in English in the past two weeks. Everything is so very new and there was no way to prepare a toddler for this.  There wasn't any book or any amount of talking that could explain to a one year old the changes he was about to endure. Yet he's adapted amazingly well and we thank God for that! 

Some things to work on - 

Sitting in a high chair. 
Sleeping through the night.
Playing with toys.
Feeding himself with utensils. 
Drinking milk. 

Thanking God for my sweet, sweet family. 


  1. What a perfect family picture!!! And that kissy face--oh my goodness, he is absolutely the most adorable little boy! Love it!! He looks like he's doing so well! I'm sure there are some off moments, but I'm so happy that they're moments WITH you!

    1. I'm sure the honeymoon will end soon but so far he's been amazing. He has some typical toddler behaviors that are hard to decipher if its toddler related or adoption related.

    2. I meant to add more -- I am also looking for signs of regression as well. He does get shy with strangers which is totally understandable. It has been an adjustment going from a 12 and 17 year old to an almost 2 year old. But he's brought a new of life to our family. Such a blessing!

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  2. I'm sure that is hard deciphering between adoption and toddler related behavior. I read a lot of blogs that talk about their adopted toddler's behavior and I'm confused just reading about it! Reminds me that this is definitely a journey that needs lots of sensitivity!!
    I'm sure it is strange going from older kids back to a toddler--but I bet they've been a huge help!