Friday, December 20, 2013

Medical and embassy appointments are done!

We arrived in Delhi Wednesday. I think. The days are running together. The smog here is crazy. Apparently it's only like this in winter. We miss Pondicherry where we strolled the streets with lots of people, tuk tuks, mopeds, stray dogs and the occasional cow. Pondicherry was beautiful and full of color and gorgeous architiecture. 


Delhi Smog - blah . It's like this all day in winter. No blue skies and puffy clouds. And it's terribly hard to breathe. 

I am so thankful the medical and embassy appointments are behind us. I was expecting it to be way more complicated but it was fairly easy. We did have to scramble for some documents at the last minute and the embassy didn't even ask for them. We pick up Ryan's visa Monday and then get packed up to head to the airport at 11pm so we can be home by Christmas Eve. 

Ryan is doing so well. I'm just in awe. He's only been with us 5 days but it seems like 5 weeks. Several Indian people have tried to take him and give him hugs and he shakes his head No and  squeezes me tightly. He knows I'm his Mama and he will not go to strangers. Yesterday he said, Mama Mama, patted me on the leg showing me his photo book we sent him, pointing to the picture of Daddy saying Papa Papa. Melt my heart!! This was taken Day 2 as he played in the mirror. God is so good and we are so thankful He chose us to be Ryan's parents! 

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