Friday, November 29, 2013


Still waiting for our court order to arrive at the orphanage. I woke this morning, checked through 18 (Black Friday) emails, none from India or our agency. So we wait some more - maybe we will hear something next month (two more days until December, ha!). We do need to square away the last bit of travel information and I am hopeful we will receive it from our agency soon. I've been waiting since March for it! This weekend I plan to work on MORE paperwork. I just thought we were done. ;) I've got two documents to complete - one is a TB waiver and the other is for immunizations. These documents just prove we will have our son immunized for the shots he may not have received and if he should have TB, we will have him treated. It sounds simple enough but one document is nine pages long! We did find out that our adoption is full and final so we will not have to readopt him here in the U.S. Thankful for that!

While it isn't our turn to travel to India yet, I do know four beautiful Indian children that are finally with their forever families! I've been blog-stalking them all week.

Two older children -  For Such A Time As This

Sweet toddler twin girls -  The Hutson's


  1. WHY, WHY, WHY? so close yet so out of reach. I'm sorry you haven't gotten any news yet, praying it comes soon. At least that paperwork is keeping you busy for now..
    And funny that people complain about the india side of things keeping you waiting when I've learned that this side can be just as bad. Sorry the agency hasn't gotten you all your travel info yet. It's been an interesting couple of weeks with them...hoping they'll have us registered some day...

  2. Ha! Just got an email saying we're registered!!
    And I love your new family photo! Can't wait to see one with Ryan in it. :) are you all going to India?