Sunday, November 24, 2013

blessings received through adoption

I was pondering all the ways we have been blessed through this adoption by countless friends and family members. There are many people who may not feel called to adopt personally so they choose to bless others that are doing so. I think that is so very cool!

Here are some of the ways we've been blessed:

Prayers - I would estimate thousands of prayers have been offered up for our family, our son and our entire adoption journey. The easiest way to help someone adopting is to pray for them - and tell them you're praying for them. We are so very thankful for friends and family who have walked this road with us, supported us, loved on us, cared for us and prayed for us.

Financially - we have been blessed with the generosity of so many wonderful friends and family members. I am blown away whenever I think about how far we've come and how God has provided these amazing people to come along side us and help. Our amazing friends and family have purchased dozens of photo sessions to help pay for adoption fees, they've made donations to our adoption fund, they have helped us raise money for our matching funds grant and one talented friend recorded a music cd and donated half the proceeds to our adoption fund and the other half to another family. Yes, this really happened!! Check out his work here - Jeremy Crook

Garage Sale Donations - Several awesome friends donated items for our garage sale which was a huge fundraiser for us. These sweet friends could have kept their junk and sold it themselves but they didn't. That says so much about how they love Ryan (even though we didn't even know him then) and how much they love us.

Donation of frequent flyer miles - one precious friend is donating sky miles to help pay for a portion of our travel expenses. This is an enormous blessing because international airfare for just two people is crazy expensive and since we may be traveling around Christmas or New Year's Day this will drive the prices up even more PLUS we will make travel plans just days before we need to leave. It won't be cheap!

Hand made gifts - I've had talented friends craft, stitch, and sew the most incredible little items for Ryan's room. I hired someone to make bedding for his crib and she did it free of charge. Such a sweet blessing! She has some neat stuff here Aimee Doodles

Pressure washed house and carpet cleaning - our fabulous neighbors own a cleaning business and they have cleaned all the carpet in our home for free AND they pressure washed the entire outside of our house and drive way as a gift to us. We were blown away! If you're local, check out their business Veterans Carpet Cleaning  They do fantastic work!

Dog grooming - A sweet friend from church is giving our schnauzer, Nugget, free hair cuts until Ryan is home. Such an incredible gift!

Sick leave donations - A few co-workers have donated sick leave days so I can still be paid part of the time I am home with Ryan. This will help with the financial burden of unpaid maternity leave.

T-shirt purchases - our t-shirts are being worn all over the country from Hawaii to Florida. One sweet friend wore hers to Africa on a mission trip and shared about adoption with several people along the way. That's what it's all about! Spreading the love of adoption so MORE children find forever families.

I am working on a fabulous thank you card that I intend to send out once our boy is home so watch for that soon. In the meantime...

Saying Thank You seems so inadequate. We appreciate each and everyone of you for being a part of Ryan's story. 

“We want you to know that adoption is beautiful, and a thousand times we’ve looked at each other and said, “What if we would’ve said no?” God invited us into something monumental and lovely, and we would’ve missed endless moments of glory had we walked away. We need you during these difficult months of waiting and transitioning, but we also hope you see that we serve a faithful God who heals and actually sets the lonely in families, just like He said He would. And even through the tears and tantrums (ours), we look at our children and marvel that God counted us worthy to raise them. We are humbled. We’ve been gifted with a very holy task, and when you help us rise to the occasion, you have an inheritance in their story; your name will be counted in their legacy...

Thank you for being the village. You are so important"


  1. I love that quotation -- and like you, our family has been overwhelmed by the crowd of people cheering for Kavya, and praying for the day when she gets to come home. The church (and some total strangers) can be so beautiful, showering a child they've never met with love.

  2. It has been an amazing testimony of God's love for orphans! :)

  3. I was just telling a friend the other night how sometimes I just break into tears randomly thinking about how much our family and our new (so far unknown) child is loved. It really is beautiful to watch people offer their love in so many amazing ways!