Tuesday, October 8, 2013

When part of your heart is 9292 miles away

In the past week I was surprised to receive several emails from people interested in adoption and/or currently adopting from India so people do read what I write. Cool!

Yesterday was Ryan's referral-versary. Nine months ago we were matched with an adorable 10 month old baby boy. He's now almost 20 months old, no longer a baby but a toddler. I know I say the waiting is SO hard. I know I say it a lot. Maybe I say it too much.  We haven't been waiting nearly as long as some people I know adopting from India. In fact, our case has moved quickly compared to typical India adoption timelines. For that I'm grateful but my arms still long to hold him, my heart longs to have him home where he is loved, cared for, prayed over, hugged, kissed, fed, bathed, tickled, read to, chased - that's a lot of verbs cause that's a lot of love to dish out! So ready!

We are still waiting to find out if we have cleared court and been awarded guardianship. We haven't been given any court dates so we have no idea if our case has already gone to court or if we are still waiting to enter that phase. Our case worker checked last week and the orphanage did not answer her questions about court -  only asked for more passport photos of Scott and I. Typical India fashion - it doesn't even surprise me anymore. :)

In other news, last week Scott got his typhoid immunization and yesterday I got mine. The last shot I need for India! Yeah! And our visas should be here any day now. SOOO ........ WE ARE READY TO TRAVEL....Hint, hint India!! :)


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    1. Feel free to email me with questions natashachalker@gmail.com

  2. So very exciting! I've been home from India with my amazing little girl for about 8 months, and it's amazing and still surreal!

  3. I can't imagine how it feels (although I guess I'll learn soon) how hard it is to watch him grow up so far away. No matter how long they're away from you, ever day is too long! Praying for him to be in your arms very soon!
    are you going to be showing pics on your website after you clear court? Can't wait to see him. :)

    1. I will have to check on that but take my word, he is BEAUTIFUL! <3