Sunday, April 7, 2013

the cost of adoption

“My friends, adoption is redemption. It’s costly, exhausting, expensive, and outrageous. Buying back lives costs so much. When God set out to redeem us, it killed Him.”

– Derek Loux

"International adoption is so expensive", I hear that all the time. Astonished people ask why a country or agency would charge so much to adopt an orphan.  Simply put every person that has a hand in adoption has a job to do. We don't work at our job for free so we shouldn't expect them to work for free. Once it's broken down, you see that while $25,000  ($29,000 if Katie and Braden travel with us) is a huge expense, it's really isn't that much when we are talking about the life of a child. A child that needs a family.  When we were called to adopt, we didn't have more than $150 to go towards our adoption. We were not sure how it would be possible to pursue but God has provided every penny so far, at just the right time. Most days I am not at all stressed about the financial part of adoption. On days when I get worried, I remind myself that God would not send us down this road without any provision. He gave me the desire to pursue photography eight years ago, knowing this part-time job would help to pave the way for our adoption before I even knew for sure we would one day adopt. The same God that started this journey many, many years ago is the same God that will provide. We are most certain of this! 

People often ask me why adoption is so expensive and what all the costs are for. Below is a breakdown:

Breakdown of Adoption Fees

US Agency Fee
Application fees, agency service fees, home study fees, dossier and authentication fees, post visits and reports

$9700 (We have paid all of this - PRAISE GOD!)

India Adoption Expenses
Official fees, court fees, documents, orphanage fees, application fees


In-Country Expenses
International flights (for 2), hotel, in-country flights, food, guide, driver, tips

$5000 (an extra $4000 for Katie and Braden to travel with us)

Out of Pocket Expenses
Fingerprint fee, medical reports, passports, citizenship and immigration services, required adoptive parent training courses, birth certificates, marriage license, citizenship certificate

$2200 (We have paid most of this - PRAISE GOD!)

Post-Adoption Costs
Attorney fees, court costs, post adoption services, new birth certificate


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  1. Loved this post -- we wouldn't think for a minute about finding $25,000 if our child was kidnapped. And we didn't have the $ for our second adoption, and were still paying a (no-interest family memeber) loan back for our trip costs when we started this adoption! But God has been so generous and faithful . . .