Sunday, March 17, 2013

miracles abound

What an emotional week/weekend...

A little background first - in August of 2011, cancer was detected in a lymph node under my husband's arm. He had surgery to remove the node, then had an additional surgery to remove 23 more lymph nodes in that area just as a precaution, followed by 30 radiation treatments. He received a clean bill of health in early 2012 and has had no issues since then. A week ago he found a lump in his leg, had an ultrasound and the surgeon recommended surgery and biopsy. We spent the week praying specifically for miracles, the kind of miracles that can only come from God. Well, really, all miracles come from God. :) Without a hitch, God provided TWO amazing miracles.. the surgeon removed the nodes Friday and found them to be completely benign (still sending them to be biopsied) and he was in no way concerned in what he found. Praise God! PLUS we received our referral paperwork from India. All on the same day! 

We waited ten weeks to get this paperwork! What a sight for sore eyes - especially after a day spent at the hospital!

We have officially accepted baby boy "N" as our son. <3

Today, on St Patrick's Day, I'm remembering I'm not lucky but blessed.


  1. congratulations!One step further in the process, one step closer to your son.

  2. Congratulations on your happy news! We are also in the process of adopting from India. That is how we stumbled upon your blog. May the Lord allow the rest of the process be smooth and speedy! Many blessings! Adam and Janie Hughes