Tuesday, February 19, 2013

happy birthday baby boy!

It's 5:30am in India, February 20, 2013.

You are one today.

I'm trying to let that sink in.

It makes me a little sad that we have missed your first year. We missed your first smile, first laugh, first crawls and scoots, first steps (if you're already walking). BUT we are so looking forward to all your firsts you'll have with US! Your first plane ride, the first time you ride in a car seat (bet that will be funn!), first time eating at a table with your family, your first hugs and kisses, your first friends, oh the list will go on and on. We are so very, very excited for those moments.

On your birthday, and everyday, you are adored and loved already by your family here and we are working very hard to bring you home as quickly as possible so we won't miss a second more. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

dear baby ryan

I'm participating in an open letter campaign, so check out the link below this letter. :)

Sweet Baby boy,

How is it possible for our hearts to long for you so? Mama, Daddy, Braden and Katie think about you all day, every day. I check the weather to see what it's like in your area of India. Always warm and humid. Good thing you'll fit in JUST FINE down here in south Alabama once summer rolls around. :) Often times I find myself checking the world clock on my phone to see what time it is and I ponder what you must be doing - eating breakfast, playing, napping, going to bed. You turn one year old next week and I wonder if you've taken your first steps yet...or if they will celebrate your special day in the orphanage...or what your favorite foods are.. I wonder about a lot of things because I haven't met you yet.  Although we haven't met I love you fiercely in an inexplicable way. I love your sweet smile, amazing dimples, beautiful black hair, big round eyes, and precious feet that I can't wait to tickle because chances are, they've never been tickled before. I love that God hand picked you for us and out of all of the millions of orphans in the world YOU are the missing piece puzzle piece of our family puzzle. Witnessing all that God has done to make you a part of our family has left me in awe so many times. From the generosity of others to how fast our adoption has progressed just proves that God's fingerprints have been all over this journey. Watching it unfold has been such a tremendous blessing and a lesson in never losing faith. For Mama always knew we would one day add to our family through adoption, I just had to learn that it wasn't in my time that it would happen but in His time. I can't wait to bring you home and show you all the love we have for you! This last bit of waiting will be the hardest and I will constantly remind myself this :

Trusting His perfect timing and loving you even more now than I did when I began writing this letter.

With love,
Your Mama

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