Friday, January 11, 2013


So much has happened so quickly!

  • December 20, 2012 - biometrics appointment in Birmingham. These are the fancy, electronic fingerprints that are needed to complete our I 797. Mostly uneventful trip, other than the crazy weather we experienced. 

We waited our turn, scanned our prints and we were done in about 9 minutes total. Drove three hours there and three hours back for a 9 minute appointment. Fun times! We really didn't need our passports but I brought them just in case. 
  • January 1, 2013 - we received a letter from USCIS stating our 797 was on it's way! This is the immigration approval so needless to say we were thrilled, and it was approved in less than 2 weeks. Very impressive! 

  • January 2, 2013 - our 797 arrived at our agency! What a great way to start 2013... and we'll take it. Happy New Year to us! 
  • January 4, 2013 - Our case worker called about a potential match - 10 month old, precious little one, adorable baby BOY! BOY? BOY! We had never really considered a boy and felt a girl was in our future all along... We spent the weekend in prayer and discussion, open to the possibility that God wanted a boy for our family. He knows best, right? Always.
  • January 7, 2013 - MATCHED to the sweetest orphan in ALL of India! He is incredibly precious and I cannot stop staring at his beautiful pictures. In fact, I wear my Iphone battery out each day looking at his sweet dimples and bare feet... feet that have never worn shoes or socks and for some reason that worries me. ;) I've counted his fingers and toes, examined his ears, marveled at his black hair, his long eyelashes, and his ability to stand while holding onto things. He looks so strong. And amazing. 
January 7, 2012 My mom went to heaven

January 7, 2013 We were matched with our son

I've been saying God's fingerprints are all over this in so many details...  and we are just so excited!

Unfortunately, since we've switched gears we will have to amend some of our paperwork now that we are now accepting a boy, redo our 797, etc. We already had to fix some of our documents due to a mistake and we were just waiting for a referral so we could do it all at once. We've been told this shouldn't set us back too much and our agency is hopeful we will travel in 4-5 months. Praying we have the finances in place to take Katie and Braden along, too. They are old enough to travel such a great distance and I would love for them to see where their brother lived and experience the Indian culture firsthand. Please keep us close in prayer as we go through this next step of organizing documents on our end and then wait for India to prepare documents on their end. Still some waiting to do but at least we can see the fruits of our labor - this precious little boy... who now needs a name... 

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