Tuesday, July 17, 2012

When God called us to adopt....

  • it seemed overwhelming
  • He didn't always have a clear plan, at least not one we fully understood
  • it was and still is frustrating at times
  • having a true support system has been difficult to find
  • it seemed quite impossible from every angle 
but in it all, HE has called us to adopt, and HE will show us the way. God will provide peace, enouragement, and endurance to face this journey. Who am I to doubt God or His plan for our family?

Sadly, who are we to doubt, discourage, or judge God's plan for others? How many times have I done that? Many times, I am sure. How many times has it been done to me? Many times, I know!

In these times, I will rely on the God, His word, and His promises, and not that of man.

And that is all.

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