Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm a dork

I eagerly sent off for my birth certificate from the state of Georgia. I've been waiting an eternity for it, like 2.5 weeks. I saw the letter in my mail box and was elated! One step closer to finishing the final application. Until I saw this .... I forgot to include a copy of my photo ID. How did I not see this on the form?! I kept telling myself it was not on the application form. I would've seen it. How did I overlook that? Those people in Georgia are wrong. Oh, wait, it was on the form. So now I get to wait another eternity for my certified raised seal copy of my birth certificate. And it looks like they want to charge me an additonal $15.


  1. Girl, I know how it is! We had more than one of those kinds of errors. It is very disheartening. Hang in there! :)

    1. Ack! Well, really we can't send anything off until Scott writes his autobiography and he's planning to do that on the plane when we leave for vacation this weekend. Almost there, so much work for one application. Thanks Anna!